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Florida Firefighter Games

2015 Florida Firefighter Games

The 2015 Games have concluded. We hope a great time was had by all.

The results pages are being updated.

We encourage participants to submit suggestions to make the Florida Firefighter Games more enjoyable for everyone.  If you have a suggestion for a rules change, hospitality, t-shirts , hotel etc… – please submit your idea.  All suggestions are looked at and responded to.

We have several Sport Coordinator openings.  We would like to have these coordinators in place so that these sports will continue to be offered.  The coordinator openings we currently have available are: 5/10k run, track meet, soccer, flag football, table tennis.  If you are interested in coordinating one of these events, please contact the office.

The Department Coordinators mailing list has been updated. Please check the coordinator contacts section for accuracy.  If changes are needed – please contact the office.

We are in desperate need of sponsors.  Sponsors are always needed to keep these games running. The Firefighter Games are a non-profit 501c Corporation. Donations and sponsors make these games happen. Call the office if you can help with a sponsorship or donation. 866-233-4263.

Please contact the Fire Games office if you have any questions – 866-233-4263